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Why Relocation in Katy

As one of the leading relocation solutions in Harris County and also Katy, we get asked this inquiry all the time-- why elimination? What's the distinction between elimination and also basic parasite control solutions? Primarily, the distinction is that rather than making use of damaging pesticides or even more hostile elimination techniques, we delicately get rid of the bees and also hives before moving them to our neighborhood nursery apiary.

Bees are a beneficial natural resources, and also they contribute a great deal to the neighborhood environment of Houston. At the same time, they can cause damages to your property and also aggressively defend their area. elimination is a means to preserve bees and all they have to offer the setting without letting them cause people problem in more houses throughout Katy and also Katy.

Our Process
We begin the relocation procedure by identifying the location and also extent of the hive. With FLIR modern technology, we're able to get a complete picture of an active hive, showing the precise location and also exactly how active the bees actually are. For concealed structures, we can make use of a boroscope or stethoscope to see and also hear hives that might have been constructed in walls or other enclosed interiors.

After locating the hive, we meticulously remove it and also transfer both the hive and also bees to our neighborhood apiary. By delicately removing the brood and also comb, we're able to preserve the environment and also relocate the bees without damaging them.

Lastly, we'll deal with the location with an eco-friendly repellent to guarantee another group does not gone along to settle in the very same area.

What's Following?
Intrigued in what occurs following with the bees, or require elimination solutions in the Houston or Katy location? Call a specialist today!

Nature is honored with advantageous bugs like bees. They pollinate lots of crops such as apples, blueberries. If bees hives or swarms come to be uncontrollable, they can cause damage to property and also people. This is particularly true for largely booming areas.

911 Honey Bee Removal has the most effective Removal & Bug Control Services Texas needs to offer. Our Removal Pros are highly-trained and also have years of experience dealing in numerous types of concerns. Our Removal solutions intend to eliminate colonies, swarms, and also hives. Our Professionals will check out the issue location to establish which kind of is being made use of and after that offer an elimination and also relocation method.

We do not make use of any damaging chemicals in the elimination procedure. Texas Beekeepers Association members can rescue colonies, relocate them to safer places in Texas 'neighborhood apiaries' and also permit them to remain to generate honey and also pollinate crops. Our Removal solutions provide long-term options. We can help you take care of and also secure any structural problems in your home that can cause future concerns.

911 Honey Bee Treatment's goal is to make your house and also bees more comfortable. We offer Removal & Control solution in Houston and also San Antonio.



911 Honey Bee Relocation professionals relocate honey bees, relocate them to safer atmospheres where they can pollinate crops. We do not make use of pesticides on our bees.



The hive odor has to be gotten rid of by a 911 Honey Bee elimination specialist. The hive should be completely gotten rid of and also the room within it need to be dealt with.



A bee-hive specialist will advise you on exactly how to secure your house. This is to stop bees from returning year after another and also colonizing your property.



911 Honey Bee Treatment also provides business control for all types structures such as homes and also shopping center.




In specific situations, a specialist inspector might be required.



Bees typically get in the incorrect spots. 911 Honey Bee Removal in Katy intends to eradicate bees from walls. 911 Hone Solution in Katy  can help you with any control concerns. We can provide a complimentary price quote and also aid with your problems. Give us a call today to find out more.