A Gold Medal in Love

Five-time gold medal-winning parent skater, Jenny Kilmer, has received the ladies’s Olympics in view that she was 16. At 36, she is attempting to win her 6th straight gold medal. Kilmer has been blessed to have such repute and fortune with carrying gadget endorsements and TV contracts. She has gotten the entirety that he has got down to get, except for one element: love.

Love is what has been eluding her. She has had many relationships, however none which have transpired into whatever beyond only a courting. Her latest relationship with Scott appeared to be destined to the same scenario.

Since two years old, Jenny’s lifestyles has been all approximately skating. Her intensive education has obviously paid off professionally because of her gold medals, however for my part, even her trainer, Yon, can not stand to be round her. It become five days until the Women’s Olympic medal competition.

Yon requested her, “Do you suspect that you’re gonna find that special guy like that girl did in that film, ‘The Cutting Edge?’” he said in his Russian accent. “You are ten times the spoiled brat that she became.” “Absolutely,” said Jen. “I’m Jenny Kilmer. America’s Sweetheart. Every guy desires me.” “Until they get to recognize you,” Yon retorted. “But they get together ultimately.” “Actors get together in the end, now not skaters!” “Whatever, Yon.” “You recognise I am proper. Scott is on to you want the others. You don’t need each person. No one is gonna inform the first-rate Jenny Kilmer what to do! What has it value you?” “Allright, allright, Yon.” “Have you no longer discovered anything approximately love on the grounds that we’ve been running collectively? Since you were 16? When it comes to like, you still speak like a 16-year old. Your mom and your father are at their rope’s cease with you. Your marketers placed up with you due to the fact you’re making them money.” “Why are you continue to right here, Yon? You can instruct every person you need. You’ve were given your five gold’s with me. What’s preserving you here?” “I need to peer you return full circle. You’ve were given nothing greater to show in skaing. The pressure is definitely off of you in this Olympics. I am partially responsible for you being the manner which you are. I even have driven you an excessive amount of for too lengthy.” “So, what are you saying?” “I even have made my goals into your dreams and I am sorry. I need you to win the Gold Medal…in love.” “But, why are you announcing this now? After all this time?” “Scott loves you with all of his heart. Do you keep in mind when you broke your ankle years in the past on the Nationals whilst you tried the quadruple lutz? He went on to the ice and carried you off. He doesn’t care about your skating. He cares about you! He cancelled a multimillion-dollar building challenge to be with you for two weeks after your harm. He misplaced bucks after greenbacks for his enterprise, got demoted and risked getting fired for you. He slept in the chair for your hospital room for two weeks! That’s love! Scott is one of the finest things to ever show up to you and also you can not see this. You are headed to becoming a sour old maid! You’ve were given any other 1/2-hour until practice is over. Skating- it’s what you’re first-rate at. Go on!”

For one of the first times in her 36 years, Jen Kilmer become silenced, however now not with out tears of disappointment and melancholy. She could not stop crying…even after exercise ended.

The next day, Kilmer fell time after time trying to do a quadruple lutz. Very few skaters have ever correctly completed the quad lutz.

Yon coached Kilmer, “You are not falling because you don’t recognize the way to do the quad lutz. You are falling because Scott has now not known as in per week.” “What else am I gonna do, Yon?” Kilmer asked. “Call him once more and make an apology to him – for real this time. At least you’ll recognize you’ve attempted. If you don’t see him once more, so be it.”

The day of the Women’s medal event arrived. Several of Kilmer’s competitors had subpar performances, which eased the pressure even more for her. Still…her pressure became no longer on the ice. She could possibly do a totally secure software and still win the gold.

Jenny and Yon were in the locker room. Kilmer changed into stretching as part of her warmup recurring. She spoke apathetically to Yon. “Scott’s no longer gonna display, Yon. I’ve pushed him away like all of the different guys earlier than him. I’ve been the largest bitch to him. He placed up with so much of my crap. I won’t have the ability to expose any of my children my gold medals due to the fact there won’t be any husband to start a circle of relatives,” she stated confessingly as she started out to cry. “ I AM gonna be a sour antique skating commentator for some TV community and I’ll smile my regular smile and show to the world that Jen Kilmer is the happiest female within the world. I’m this kind of phony.”

Kilmer’s call was announced on the public cope with, which intended that it changed into time for her -minute warmup before her application.

Kilmer skated gracefully and expectantly as regular. She became a skating legend. In her mind, she turned into just going through the motions. She nailed a few exercise double and triple lutzes, which she should do in her sleep.

As she skated closer to her educate, she shaped a confused look on her face. Yon turned into smiling and laughing next to a man who had his back turned to her. Jenny braked and as the man who was guffawing with Yon turned around.

“Scott,” Jenny stated straining to mention his name. She turned into ultimately able to get her breath. “Why? Why are you right here? I idea I lost you.” “That’s what Yon thought too until I referred to as him,” stated Scott. “You referred to as Yon, but you didn’t name me?” “Don’t push it.” I love you, Scott,” she stated. “Thank you for being with me once I broke my ankle. You’ve usually been there for me and I’ve treated you like crap. Like I advised you in your message-cellphone, I am so sorry.” “All is forgiven, my pricey. You can thank Yon for it.” Kilmer smiled at her educate. “I’m doing the quad lutz. And I’m gonna nail it!” “Are you insane? If you wanna win a 6th gold, don’t move for the quadruple lutz! You were lucky 4 years ago, however recall what you did final yr in the Nationals? You fell flat for your ass!” Yon reminded her. “I’m gonna have fun this time, Yon. For the first time in the Olympics, I’m gonna have fun because I eventually got the whole thing that I’ve wanted. This is it. After this skate, I’m done. I’ve gained the gold this year.” Yon nodded his head with approval and a slight smile. Scott had a perplexed look on his face. “You haven’t skated yet.” “Oh yes I DO HAVE the gold,” she took Scott in her arms. “He’s proper here and I’m in no way gonna let him cross,” she sniffled. “I have five gold medals. Now I want a few babies. Will you marry me?” “Yes!” stated Scott surprised. “I love you, Jen with each bone in my frame.”

Scott and Jenny kissed passionately as a couple of Olympic officers walked as much as Yon to let him understand that his skater became next. When they were finished kissing, Yon tapped Jen at the shoulder. “Well then,” stated Yon, “You’ve got one more skating responsibility. As you stated, have amusing.” He smiled broadly. As her named become announced, Kilmer skated onto the ice with the biggest grin she ever had on her face. The crowd’s applause had never been louder for America’s Sweetheart. Kilmer could not preserve returned the tears of joy. She knew it became her final skate. Jenny Kilmer had gained the gold even earlier than her application. She received the gold medal in love.

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